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About Us

We have been serving customers since 1984 when we opened a small deli in Janzen Beach. There we created our signature sandwiches and burgers. In 1996, we opened a second location on North Lombard Street. We decided to make it a full-blown sports bar; a natural choice since as a family we have always been involved in sports.

Our eldest son Tommy was drafted to the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1993 and played Division I baseball at Washington State and the University of Portland. His younger brother Ryan was drafted to the Phillies in 1997 and played several years in the minor leagues. Our daughters Patty and Jeannie have always been their favorite cheerleaders! Naturally, all six of us were involved in the busness every day! With all that help, we needed more space, so we opened another location on 181st Avenue in Gresham in June of 2005.

Over the years, my husband Tom labored to perfect a pizza recipe that I had inherited from my "old country, Italian" ancestors. Locally grown, fresh tomatoes evolve into a delectable sauce that is mixed with a special blend of herbs. Three different cheeses are combined in just the right proportions to bring out the flavors of the fresh meats and vegetables that are heaped on top. Our crust is made with extra virgin olive oil imported from Italy and yeast that is blended with filtered water at precisely 91 degrees. Our dough is kneaded slowly with a 1956 Hobart mixer (the last surviving piece of equipment from a US Navy ship's galley). When the dough has reached the perfect consistency, it is cut into balls, one of which will become the crust for your pizza pie!

Our family has expanded by seven: Carly, Tyler, Ella, Crosby, Katie, Ashlynn and Daniel have joined the ranks and what wonderful grandchildren they are!!

Sadly, Tom Sr. passed away in January of 2011. We all miss him terribly, but we take comfort in knowing that we are carrying on his passion to prepare and serve quality food and to make our customers our friends!

Welcome to Tom's Pizza & Sports Bar - A local legend, your game-day destination!

-- Patricia Cody, "Mom"